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We’re Esau and We’re selling our Birthright

January 3, 2012

Like many I am watching the Republican campaigns for president.  This NYT article particularly interested me:  Appealing to Evangelicals, Hopefuls Pack Religion into Ads.

I self identify as an Evangelical.   I’m not a Republican — emphatically not a Republican.  I’m not a Democrat either, for the record.  I’ve come to the conclusion that no one political party or movement has God on their side.  God cares about the state of our spirit more than how close the Huskies made it to the Rose Bowl.

Which brings me to my post’s title.  We evangelicals seem to be so desperate to elect a Republican that many have taken to supporting Ron Paul.  Ron Paul, seriously?  As the Republican party has become the party of me-me-me, Paul’s man as god philosophy has become increasingly palatable to the Evangelical right.

Did Jesus call us to property rights and pull-yourself-up-by-bootstraps more than He preached about the poor, the widow and the alien?  If you can find the former in the Bible (without major personal interpretation) please let me know.  He calls the poor blessed.  The NT church was socialistic in its daily sharing of food and money.  The focus was not on self — Jesus clearly spoke against selfishness, against self period really (Matthew 10:37-39).  There is no way to tweak another message from His words, especially one that embraces man being his own measure.

This is a true story:  I once had a fellow Evangelical try convince me I shouldn’t be so concerned for the poor because Jesus said the poor would always be with us.  I won’t even go into all the ways that is the wrong interpretation of Jesus’ words.  Because sure, let’s make certain people stay poor because that’s what Jesus wanted.  You bet.

When I was young I was told I must vote Republican in order to get the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs Wade.  Yes, the same Supreme Court that established corporate person-hood, and other egregious precedents.  Is this what I have been working toward for so many years?

Amazingly, while the me-first conservative big business/ usury friendly (Proverbs 28:8) economic policy has been supported and passed in Congress, Roe vs. Wade has gone nowhere.  It is still here.

Only it is not amazing because the NYT article cited above is right.  The Republican party has clothed itself in religion and family.  I feel sure the “sophisticated” party leadership has chuckled with their corporate masters at Evangelicals’ stupidity.

We’ve sold our political selves to save the unborn while insuring that some of those very same children grow up in want — you know because Jesus said we’d always have the poor with us and all.

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