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Hey Religious Right, the Republican Establishment Doesn’t Want You

March 6, 2012

So why should you want to support them?

This from Rush Limbaugh no less:

The Republican establishment, for the most part, if they could, would simply excommunicate every social conservative Republican they could find. They’d kick ’em out of the party, and they would gag ’em.  They’d find a way to make sure they couldn’t speak.  That’s how much they hate ’em, detest ’em, are embarrassed by them.  And it’s based on one thing, primarily. It’s based on the fact that these establishment Republicans and others who don’t like the social conservatives are primarily, singularly worried about what people are going to think of them for being in the same party with the social conservatives.  It really is no more complicated than that.  I mean there are other things.  They think social conservatives lose elections.  They think social conservatives make the whole Republican Party a big target, like what’s going on now, this contraception business.

Sorry but I think he’s right on from things I’m reading now.  Romney, who is a moderate in conservative clothing, is focused on the economy.  Republican establishment types are rallying around him.  He is a fiscal conservative for sure, but not really a social one.

I’m just saying here, people, the old-money wealthy Republican leadership doesn’t want your kind.  They hold their nose and accept you because you’ll vote Republican faithfully but they wish you’d forget about all that social stuff.

I still rue the years I was convinced that if I elected a conservative President he’d appoint conservative members of the SCOTUS.  They in turn would disassemble Roe vs Wade.

Well now we have Citizen’s United unleashing holy hell on political elections (because corporations are people and deserve their first amendment rights) and Roe vs. Wade is still the law of the land.

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