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Obamacare, Part One

July 2, 2012

So what does the religious right think about Obamacare?

Let us start with this.:  Despite what you might be told the religious right are all over the map on this one.  Perhaps this is because some have been touched by this issue.  Of course, there are those who think it smacks of socialism.  There are many of those.

Is the US turning into a socialistic country?  Hardly!   But I know that I will not convince  anyone so wild-eyed with fear and concern that they couldn’t hear the truth if it was presented to them in simple terms with pictures.

It must be such a fear-based life.  Always in terror of socialism or worried that somebody is going to take away from me what is mine.  Particularly, the force of the federal government is coercive.

How does this square with Jesus’ words and actions in the old and new testament.  Stay tuned and we’ll examine this.  Comment below.  Is it socialism?  What is the biblical reasoning behind the repeal of Obamacare?  Are there verses that directly or closely apply?

This is an intermittent blog but for sure it won’t be updated until the middle of August … unless I get comments.

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